Still One of the FAITHFUL

31 01 2010

Los Angeles Sol

Last Thursday – January 28 transpired to be an awful day for women’s soccer…   Before this day came,  I knew  it was a possibility for a team to fold after its first year of operations.  It definitely made it more believable when the Sol was dropped by owners AEG and were $2 million in the red.  But when I first heard the news, I did not want to post because I honestly feel the league cannot afford to go without the Sol in the 2010 schedule.  I also did not want to post because despite all the settling that  Sol has set – I’m still hoping for a miracle.  Is that wrong of me?  To still have a little bit of faith?  I guess I’m still hoping that some gracious saint of a person with cash money to spare, sees this downfall and shows up last minute to break our fall and keep the Sol shining in LA.  Of course, losing a “flagship team” like the LA Sol is a devastating blow to women’s soccer –  the show still must go on.  Each team recognizes the challenge without LA and encourages all supporters that the best is yet to come with two new expansion teams and ATL’s new stadium designed specifically for WPS.   All 8 teams will suffer a bit or even come out of the dispersal draft with a jack pot of talent.  How much suffering and how much talent?  We will have to see on February 4th, with  the dispersal draft of the Sol players.

Now, 19 Sol players will have to be dispersed among the 8 teams – which means crowded rosters.  It’s just unfortunate f0r the players that went through tryouts, “bubble” players, and future developmental players because they’ll go on an even more difficult route trying to be 1 of 18 players.  I honestly don’t think all 19 ex-Sol players will land rosters spots, but we will definitely see player shuffled off to make room for new talent.  However, this creates an even more cutthroat environment for each team in the league, which always means great competition with games just around the corner.

The 19 Sol players:  Brittany Bock, Shannon Box, Marta, Aya Miyama, Steph Cox, Tina DiMartino, Casey Nogueira, Nikki Washington, KK LeBlanc, Manya Makoski, Brittany Cameron, Christie Shaner, Michelle Enyeart, Kiersten Dallstream, Kiki Bosio, Estelle Johnson, Scasna, Paaske-Sorenson, Rydahl Bukh.

The Dispersal Draft will consists of 3 rounds with ATL getting the first pick.

Round 1
1. Atlanta Beat
2. Philadelphia Independence
3. FC Gold Pride (Bay Area)
4. Chicago Red Stars
5. Boston Breakers
6. Sky Blue FC (NJ/NY)
7. Washington Freedom
8. Saint Louis Athletica

Round 2
9. Saint Louis Athletica
10. Washington Freedom
11. Sky Blue FC (NJ/NY)
12. Boston Breakers
13. Chicago Red Stars
14. FC Gold Pride (Bay Area)
15. Philadelphia Independence
16. Atlanta Beat

Round 3
17. Atlanta Beat
18. Philadelphia Independence
19. FC Gold Pride (Bay Area)
20. Chicago Red Stars
21. Boston Breakers
22. Sky Blue FC (NJ/NY)
23. Washington Freedom
24. Saint Louis Athletica

For now,  I’m still hoping for a miracle until next Thursday…

Great Reading:

The Rise and Fall of the Sol by Anthony DiCicco

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